{Note}: For iPhone and iPod {^hk1^} only
? “This {} is {near} {perfect}.” – Gamezebo
? App of the Week – The New York {Times}
{Bring} the {traditional} American arcade bowling {tradition} {all over the place} with Skee-Ball for the iPhone and iPod {^hk1^}!

? “{hk21^^} of the most addictive {games} on the iPhone.”
{three}^} Gamer

{Bring} the {^hk1{5}^} of the boardwalk to the palm of your hand with 3D graphics, {six}^} physics, and {seven}^} prizes. A {eight}^} American {traditional}.

With a {quick} flick, roll the ball up the ramp and into {1} of the numbered holes for {factors}, tickets, and unlockable achievements.

{Get} {sufficient} tickets and go on a {shopping}-spree for {^hk1{5}^} prizes like a {set} of vampire {tooth}, a Peruvian Flute Band CD, or even a {customized} ball to use in-{}. {Over} {eighty} prizes in all.

Skee-Ball is {simple} to {learn} and {easier} to {adore}: {Perform} by {merely} flicking your finger {throughout} the {screen} or {creating} a bowling {motion}. Tilt the iPhone/iPod {^hk1^} to {add} spin. {Easy} to {play}, {almost} {impossible} to {quit} {taking part in}!

The NVIDIA PhysX {motor} {provides} console-{quality} physics so the ball rolls and bounces hyper-realistically. {Worldwide} {hello}-scores {allow} you see how your hoard of tickets compares to {everyone} else’s. The {Additionally}+ {Community} {allows} you {challenge} {buddies} with {rating} {monitoring}, achievements and {chief}-boards.

Skee-Ball is celebrating its 100th birthday, but has {by no means} felt {more} {contemporary}!

Trademark of Skee-Ball Amusement {Video clip} games}. All Rights Reserved.

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