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The game is a strike with the children (from expertise!) and grownups (from expertise!) - @enuhski (Twitter) <
We have here, one of these games that are so simple in its idea, yet unable to put down. Its colourful, scrumptious and an absolute joy to play. I recommend it for all. - Appmodo

Featured on Pocket Gamer, The Trawler Report: We go all indie with Freak Bike, MaxInjury and OvenBreak! Noted as "One of the best free iPhone games on the App Store" with Ballgame Lite, TNA Wrestling Lite, Freak Bike, Max Injury Lite, Crap App Box of Shame!(Sep.14th) Thnx Pocket Gamer!

"It is rare to find a platform game at such a price which gives you so much fun." - iphonetech78.wordpress.com


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"You can't catch me! I'm Ginger Brave!"

A deliciously colorful and tricky game! Ginger Brave's mad dash for freedom has begun! How far can you take this gingerbread man?

1. Jelly Beans (Normal)
Nab them to score points. But be careful. Some are unreachable.

2. Alphabet Jelly (Special)
Collect and spell ÒFreedomÓ to replenish life.

3. Jump
Tap the Jump button to leap over gaps.

4. Slide
Tap Slide to slip under hanging objects.
DonÕt slide too late or get up too early.

5. Candy Cane Swing
Tap Jump and then Slide, quickly, one after the other to swing from fixtures in the ceiling.

Jump, Slide (Swing once)

Jump, Slide, Slide (Multiple swing)
You can jump over large gaps in your path.

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