From the creator of Minecraft, this is Minicraft. It's a leading-down 2D game, like the outdated Zelda titles, that plays like a simplified edition of Minecraft itself.

You can download the file here, or play the game on the web. Minicraft was created in 48 hours for a Ludum Dare competition with the theme 'Alone'. Like its large brother, in Minicraft you are totally free to roam close to wherever you want, searching for sources and fending off monsters.

Not really Minecraft...

Although Minicraft is fairly charming, and offers you the identical need to discover that Minecraft does, it's a quite shallow game. That should not be a shock as it was created in a really quick time, but Minicraft does truly feel like it deserves a lot more advancement to be a completed game. There isn't truly a great deal to do, so as soon as you have explored a bit and killed a handful of monsters… that seems to be all!

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Minicraft-A 2D mix of Zelda and Minecraft
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So numerous new features right here, verify it out!!!
We will maintain enhancing our game, more features are coming quickly.

Any advice and ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Charming Piano Audio Effect
5 Awesome Sport Modes
Smoother Gameplay
Much better Consumer Interface
Sport Middle Support
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