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Nokia Introduce free mobile application that lets players race cars around their own streets.

Mobile phone giant, Nokia, has just launched revolutionary new mobile phone game that lets players race cars around their own local area. The Finnish-based manufacturer has been developing the application for many months and it has now passed testing and is capable of blending location based technology, mapping and mobile gaming.

The resulting app is called Ovi Maps Racing. Players open up the game with their GPS mobile, pinpoint their current location, then create their own racing track based on the surrounding geography. The app also lets players create tracks from any other location in the world.

When a suitable racing track has been created the player may step into there virtual car and burn some rubber. This fantastic free mobile application (for a limited time) can be downloaded now at Nokia’s Ovi Store.

Free Mobile Applications

Nimbuzz v. 1.0.1 Symbian, 1.0.0

Nimbuzz Mobile is one of the most popular free mobile messenger services that lets you make calls, chat, message, and send files on the go. It is able to combine all your pals from you other favorite services including Skype, MSN/ Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu, Hyves. Simple to us with only one login, one contact list for all of your accounts.

eBuddy v1.4.1

The eBuddy free mobile application provides a web and mobile messenger everywhere you go. The web messenger service provides instant messaging that lets users chat with MSN, AIM, YAHOO, GTALK and MYSPACE. eBuddy is now available for Google / Android phones & the iPhone/iPod Touch. This version provides better support for phones with a full keyboard, faster login, less data usage and allows users to choose a color theme.

Bitstream BOLT 1.5

BOLT is a free mobile application downloadable web browser that offers an unrivalled browsing experience on newer and lower end mobile phones. Rather than offering a simplified, mini version of the Internet, BOLT provides users with a fast, efficient, feature-rich way to enjoy full desktop PC-style web pages with rich media applications including full streaming of videos of any length.

Latest Mobile  Games

PBA Bowling 1.0.16

Go bowling on your Blackberry with PBA Bowling by Concrete Software. This game brings in the biggest names of the PBA league while your on the move. Play a quick game to fill some time or get more involved and challenge yourself to a full on bowling tour event. Bowl on the PBA patented oil patterns or mix it up and play the Spare Challenge event for a different slant on the game.

Pocket Tic Tac Toe

Tic-tac-toe, alternatively called noughts and crosses, X’s and O’s, is a two player game with, O and X, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid, usually X going first. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins the game! Sounds simple but there are 362,880 ways of placing Xs and Os on the board, without regard to the  actual winning combinations!

Flipperball Mobile 1.0

Flipperball Mobile is a  two dimensional tennis / pong style game where you hit a ball with a swinging flipper paddlet. You  play against the rather challenging computer oppenent called AI. The mobile game itself resizes automaticly to all mobile phone screen sizes and is, were told, compatible with older (MIDP 1.0) mobiles. Saves highscores. Flipperball is totally free and comes without any ads or nags.

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