Flow is a easy but addictive puzzle sport.

Link matching colours with pipe to produce a movement. Pair all colours, and go over the whole board to solve every puzzle. But view out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!

Free play through hundreds of levels, or challenge your self in Time Trial mode to see how quick you can solve randomly generated puzzles. Gameplay ranges from easy and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and all over the place in in between. How you play is up to you. So, give Flow a try, and expertise "mind like water"!

*** Flow functions ***

* Content material
- 10 different board dimensions
- 30 totally free levels of every kind
- Free Classic and Jumbo level packs
- 300 totally free levels available in Free Perform mode
- Extra level packs available for purchase

* Challenge
- Game Middle achievements as you solve levels and total packs
- Track your completion of every level in Free Perform
- Strive for accuracy in Free Perform utilizing the fewest, most efficient moves
- Strive for pace in Time Trial for the most and quickest solves
- twenty scored Time Trial variants to select from by board dimension and period

* Appear & Feel
- Sleek, polished touch interaction
- Colorful UI
- Enjoyable sound effects
- Clean vector graphics and animations
- Optional labels for the colour impaired


Version background:

one. - Initial launch
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Flow Free – Big Duck Games LLC
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