If you have ever dreamed about taking handle of your quite personal bus, then verify out Bus Driver.

Bus Driver is a surprisingly fun simulator exactly where your job is to transport passengers around an urban atmosphere. Your mission is to stick to a timetable even though obeying targeted traffic guidelines and producing certain you don't upset or injure passengers. Bus Driver is supposed to be all about realism. Nevertheless, there's no game as this kind of, even though there are 5 different ranges of potential, and you get bonuses for obeying guidelines of the road and sticking to your timetable and so on.

There are five buses to drive in a massive city setting with a variety of districts, 30 routes, and varying weather situations set at differing times of day. There are different bus sorts that go along with Bus Driver such as college bus, tourist bus, sight-seeing tour bus and even a prisoner transportation bus. The entire driving environment in Bus Driver is produced even more realistic courtesy of an AI system which 'learns' from your driving habits.

The vector graphics are a bit blocky and standard and the gameplay can get rather dull at occasions but for everyone who is a fan buses or just driving sims in common, Bus Driver is a lot of fun.

Download Bus Driver 1.5.two in Softonic

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Bus Driver 1.5.2-Fun bus driving simulator
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