The #{one} {Totally free} iPhone and iPad {digital} {world} “{Tale}” {series} returns with Bakery {Tale}: Valentine’s Day! {Design} your {personal} {aspiration} bakery to {display} off to your {}. {Do not} {neglect} to make {certain} your {clients} are {happy} and {nicely}-fed by {selecting} {stunning} decoration and {tasty} new pastries! New {content} will be {launched} {Each} WEEK so the {game} {constantly} {gets} even {better}!

– New Valentine’s Day Quests
– {Design} and {develop} a {distinctive} bakery with {stunning} {selection} and {creativeness}.
– {Customize} and {choose} a {top}-{course} menu to {fit} your {preferences}.
– Showcase your bakery and {earn} {additional}-{special} {tips} from {}.
– Invite your Facebook {} to be your neighbors.
– {Exchange} {secret} recipes with your {}.
– {Totally free} updates with new pastries, decorations, themes and {much more} {Each} WEEK!
– {It is} {Totally free}!

{Make sure you} {Note}:
– This is an {online} {game} only. iPod {touch} {customers} {should} be {linked} to WiFi in {order} to {play}!
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Bakery Story: Valentine’s Day – TeamLava
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